Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wikiseek Open Beta Is Live

Wikiseek is a search engine that indexes only Wikipedia links. Created by SearchMe, and it is an interesting (if limited) alternative to Google. According to the schpeel:

1. Wikiseek searches Wikipedia, and the "external links" of Wikipedia
articles. These are considered authoritative Internet sources. This means
that the search results are only as comprehensive as Wikipedia. Wikiseek is
NOT a search engine of the entire World Wide Web.

2. The current index is not dynamically updated. Extremely new content at
Wikipedia will not be reflected in our index.

3. We are testing an 8-bit character set version of the software. This means
that extended international characters will not be displayed. Ultimately,
Wikiseek will support international character sets.

Techcrunch has some update on it as well...